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My Eagle Guide

Eagle is one of the more popular PCB design softwares out there! One of the major plusses for the software is that it provides different license versions for the users (starting from the Free version to hobbyist version and all the way to a professional version). For me, personally the free version is more than enough!

I use Eagle to document some of my schematics and try and design custom arduino shields for my projects. I have compiled the following list of links (tutorials) from the web that I refer to all the time.

Firstly I recommend the set of video lessons by Jason from RPC electronics. He has these tutorials recorded and available in Youtube. The links to the individual lessons are below:

Lesson 1:  Creating a new project (1:28)
Lesson 2: Eagle Schematics (Description of basic tools) (6:20)
Lesson 3: Basic Design using Eagle schematics I (6:16)
Lesson 4: Basic Design using Eagle schematics II (6:31)
Lesson 5: Basic Design using Eagle schematics III (4:49)
Lesson 6: Creating the PCB Board from schematics I (8:43)
Lesson 7: Creating the PCB Board from schematics II (7:22)
Lesson 8: Creating the PCB Board from schematics III (Routing) (8:41)
Lesson 9: Auto routing and Ground planing (9:20)
Lesson 10: Silk screen generation (6:17)
(Script files and cam files)
Lesson 11: Gerber file generation (8:44)
Lesson 12: Q & A (17:38)

I also heavily use the library made available by spark fun. Apart from the library, Sparkfun also has some Eagle tutorials:
a) Getting started with Eagle I
b) Getting Started with Eagle II

For creating a custom part in eagle, I use the following sparkfun tutorial as well as the instructable:
a) Instructable
b) Sparkfun tutorial

Hope this is helpful and saves some google searches 😉